12:58 actual
Asrın Law Firm applies to go Imrali
12:41 actual
Entrance Şirnex countryside banned once again
12:41 actual
DEM Party’s Ayten releases
11:19 actual
Prisoner Barık: I am threatened with death
11:13 women
30 women murdered in 6 months in Federated Kurdistan Region
11:05 editor's pick
Forests being destroyed for mining in Licê
10:31 editor's pick
6 thousand years of history submerged under dam waters
10:29 actual
Journalist Altan Turkey has started annexation
13:56 actual
Forced to 'recite the National Anthem' under custody!
13:56 actual
Erdogan and Assad meet in Baghdad
13:19 culture
Song for July 14th: The resistance that started there became socialized
13:18 actual
16 prisoners forcibly transferred to new prisons in 1 month
13:17 actual
Nudem Durak's health deteriorates
13:16 actual
Demand for freedom of Öcalan echoes Europe on July 14
13:41 actual
UCAV crashes in Gever allegation
13:19 actual
Unexpected death in Nisêbîn
13:18 actual
Families apply to go to Imrali
13:18 actual
Iraqi parliamentarian: Steps against attacks not enough
13:16 actual
Journalist died in Turkish attack buried
13:15 actual
Absolute isolation in Imrali will discussed at UN for 3 days
12:20 women
'Simple' sentence for village guard accused of rape
12:19 actual
Peace Mothers to KDP: Stop betrayal
11:48 actual
Journalist wounded in Turkey attack dies
20:05 actual
Detention period of journalist Topaloğlu extended
20:03 actual
Ali Yaşa, released on his deathbed, dies
13:07 actual
Sexual harassment of 13 children at Anatolian Youth Association
13:06 actual
Helicopter shot down in Girê Bahar
13:05 actual
ÖHD: Torture and sexual harassment in Marînê
13:04 actual
Former Iraqi parliamentarian: Parastin determines where Turkey will bomb
13:03 actual
Campaign launched against Turkish attacks
12:58 actual
Asrın Law Firm applies to go Imrali
12:57 actual
UNICEF stops water distribution to camps in Shahba
12:57 actual
Deployment to the region where attacks continue
12:56 actual
Resistance against isolation: Everyone must take a stand
12:55 actual
Prisoner with vision loss: My treatment being blocked
16:35 actual
Names of paramilitary groups trained by Turkey reveales
16:34 actual
Prisoners poisoned in Sincan Prison
14:29 women
Women sends 20 thousand letters to CPT for Abdullah Öcalan
14:01 women
MKG reacts to attack on journalists in Shengal
14:00 actual
Open letter: Stop the attacks, take initiative for solution
13:58 actual
Demand of arrest for detainees in Bilêxşê
13:57 actual
Lawyers applies to meet Abdullah Öcalan
13:56 actual
32-year ill prisoner held in solitary confinement
17:34 actual
Bayındır: We will continue to resist
17:31 actual
"Speak up for freedom" protest continues
17:10 actual
'March for Respect to Will"' completed: Implement the Constitution
16:51 actual
They arrives Colemêrg
16:50 women
Hundreds of letters to CPT for freedom of Öcalan
15:59 actual
In Iran 1 kolbar killed, 4 kolbars injured
14:39 actual
Attack on journalists' car in Shengal: 4 injured