Solitary confinement to prisoners in Antalya Type S


ANTALYA - It was learned that many prisoners in Antalya Type S Closed Prison were sentenced to 11 days of solitary confinement each.

It was learned that 40 prisoners were given solitary confinement in Antalya Type S Closed Prison. It was stated that the reason for the 11-day isolation sentences was the actions of prisoners against human rights violations. It was also reported that the executions of some prisoners and their release was prevented. İslam Erdoğan, one of the prisoners sentenced to solitary confinement, stated that prison staff wear wolf emblems (The symbol used by idealist groups of Turkish nationalism) on their left arms.
Erdoğan noted that they were not taken into any activity and their cells were constantly raided. Erdoğan stated that the radios they bought from the canteen were also confiscated. Erdoğan said: "We are determined, we are faithful, we will continue our struggle. We are ready to do whatever duty falls on us for this cause."