Hatimoğulları: Road cleaning is needed

ANKARA - A joint statement was made after Numan Kurtulmuş's visit to the DEM Party. While Kurtulmuş stated that the demands were conveyed, DEM Party Co-Chair Tülay Hatimoğulları said that road cleaning is needed for the construction of a democratic Turkey.
President of the Assembly Numan Kurtulmuş visited the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) within the scope of the new Constitution negotiations. DEM Party Co-Chairs Tülay Hatimoğulları and Tuncer Bakırhan, as well as DEM Party Group Deputy Chairs Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit and Sezai Temelli took part in the meeting, which started at 12.00 in the Parliament.
A joint statement was made after the meeting, which lasted about half an hour. Speaking first, Kurtulmuş said that they visited the DEM Party on the second day of their contacts, which they started on Tuesday within the scope of the Constitution studies, and stated the following: "Within the framework of the Constitution studies we started on Tuesday, we continue the second day contacts with the three parties that have groups in the parliament. We made the first visit with DEM Party. We shared our views on the process and the framework with them. We conveyed to them our request to continue this process in an open, transparent and democratic manner. Dear co-chairs, co-group chairs will share their views on this matter with the public after discussing with friends. Our wish is to put forward a Constitution on which the political parties will agree with a large majority in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and to have it accepted by the Parliament. We will make a more detailed statement about today after visiting three parties."
Speaking afterwards, DEM Party Co-Chair Tülay Hatimoğulları expressed her satisfaction about visit and said: “As DEM Party, we are of the opinion that there is a need for a democratic Constitution making process. Our views on changing the September 12 Constitution and taking steps to build a democratic Turkey are known. A road cleaning is needed. It is very important for us to eliminate the current oppression process, to implement the provisions of the Constitution and to implement the ECHR decisions.
Yesterday, we underlined that we viewed the violent incidents on May 1 negatively and that the Constitution-making process would have difficulties in such a backdrop. Of course, it is also important for us to open a Constitution-making process with the broadest social consensus and on the basis of equal citizenship for all different peoples and beliefs. There is a deep crisis and poverty that Turkey is going through. As all parties, we have a responsibility to develop the process in a way that does not obscure this urgent and alarming problem."