May report of MKG: 24 journalists tried

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  • 13:55 7 June 2024
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AMED – According to the May report of the Mezopotamya Women Journalists Association; While 17 cases are ongoing against 24 journalists, 8 journalists are imprisoned as of April 1.

Mezopotamya Women Journalists Association (MKG) announced the "Report on Rights Violations Against Women Journalists" for May. In the evaluation part of the report, it was emphasized that the violations suffered by woman journalists in particular indicate a major setback in terms of the struggle for gender equality.
"These pressures that journalists are subjected to not only violate their individual rights, but also seriously damage the public's right to receive accurate and impartial information," the report said, emphasizing the need to take urgent measures to ensure the safety of journalists and protect freedom of expression.
Violations against journalists in May are as follows: “2 journalists were attacked, 3 journalists were detained, one journalist was arrested. 4 journalists were prevented from following the news. 2 journalists were subjected to rights violations in prison. An investigation was opened against 1 journalist. 4 journalists were sentenced to 9 years, 6 months and 17 days in prison. 17 cases against 24 journalists are ongoing. As of April 1, 8 journalists are imprisoned.”