'Trustee policy is misogyny'

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  • 11:09 9 June 2024
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ISTANBUL - Hazal Hendekçi from Mor Dayanışma said that the vested rights of women were targeted with trustees. Eftelya Koyuncu from the Women's Defense Network said: "The trustees first closed the shelters. Trustee politics is misogyny."
Protests against the appointment of a trustee to Colemêrg (Hakkari-Kurdistan) Municipality and the arrest of Municipality Co-Mayor Mehmet Sıdık Akış continue. Mor Dayanışma (Purple Solidarity) member Hazal Hendekçi and Women's Defense Network member Eftelya Koyuncu evaluated the trustee's decision.
Hazal Hendekçi emphasized that the trustees did not only attack a party, but also targeted the vested rights of women. Stating that the government is trying to take over the places it lost in every election by appointing trustees, Hendekçi stated that the trustee mentality continues to work with policies that are hostile to women, children and animals.
“The first thing the trustees do is to stop the work done for women. They start working by imprisoning women in homes. However, in every field to overthrow the government; We know that it is very valuable to fight in the street, in the square and in the Parliament" Hendekçi said.
Eftelya Koyuncu, a member of the Women's Defense Network, stated that women were most affected by the trustee policy while the will of the Kurds was usurped in Colemêrg and said: “The trustee policy is closely related to the misogynistic policies carried out by the government itself. To say that the AKP government dismissed the mayor elected by the Kurds on fabricated grounds and appointed a trustee instead is, first of all, an attack on the co-mayorship system."
Reminding that the government first attempted to usurp the will of Wan in response to the election defeat, but failed, Koyuncu said: “The people, including women, are defending their will on the front lines, they do not allow the trustees, and will not allow it. We know this very well; Trustee politics is misogyny, an attack on women's vested rights. The first thing the trustees appointed so far did was to close down women's associations and shelters. Man trustees were appointed to head the women's centres. Measures taken against violence against women have become dysfunctional, and femicide has increased in cities. The trustee policy is not independent of withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention overnight with the word of one man."
Drawing attention to the attacks on women's achievements such as Law No. 6284, the right to maintenance, and the Civil Code, Koyuncu said: “The male-state's attacks on women's acquired rights manifest themselves everywhere, from the constitution to local governments. However, we have a fight against this fascism; We insist on equality, freedom, democratic rights, and feminist rebellion. We know that the resistance of the mother who defends their will on the streets with their cane in Hakkari will win. We have women's solidarity against occupation, exploitation and fascism.”