Preparations for Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections suspends

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  • 15:03 8 May 2024
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NEWS CENTER - Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission suspended the preparations for the Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections.
It was announced that the preparations for the parliamentary elections in the Federated Kurdistan Region, which were postponed to May 30, were temporarily suspended. Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission Spokesperson Cumane Helay announced that preparations for the elections were temporarily suspended following the decision of the Iraqi Federal Court.
Masrour Barzani, the Chair of the Interim Government of the Kurdistan Region, filed a complaint with the Iraqi Federal Court on May 6 and requested the suspension of the preparations for the 6th term parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region. Yesterday, upon Barzani's objection, the Federal Court decided to suspend the implementation of the second paragraph of Article 2 in the registration and approval system of candidate lists.