Youth on the field against special war

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  • 11:59 10 May 2024
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ISTANBUL - Calling for participation in the Gülistan Doku Football Tournament, which is still being prepared, DEM Party Youth Assembly Co-Spokesperson Rohat Gövercin called young people to the field against special war policies.
The football tournament, held every year by the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Youth Assembly, will be held this year in the name of university student Gülistan Doku, who was lost in Dersim (Tunceli) on January 5, 2020 and whose fate is still unknown. Applications for the tournament, which is the second leg of the campaign launched by the Parliament with the motto "Glorious resistance against special war policies", started on April 18 and will end on May 21.
The starting place of this year's tournament, whose motto is "Youth on the field", was determined as Dersim, the place where Gülistan Doku was lost. DEM Party Youth Assembly Co-Spokesperson Rohat Gövercin made evaluations about the purpose and details of the tournament and the pressure and special war policies carried out against young people.
Stating that they came together with young people within the scope of the "Glorious resistance against the special war" campaign they started last year and informed them about the effects of drugs and prostitution on young people, Gövercin said that the tournament is also within the scope of this campaign and that they made the decision to start it specifically in the place where Gülistan Doku was disappeared.
Stating that they contacted thousands of young people with these tournaments they organized, Gövercin stated that the slogan "Youth on the field" should not be understood as ordinary and points to a revolutionary stance, and that they called the young people who are the future of the world and this people, "You are the future, you are on the field."
Pointing out that special war is aimed at people's will and identity, “Prostitution, drugs, immigration policies, assimilation policies, the isolation of Leader of the Kurds Abdullah Öcalan on Imrali Island Prison can be considered as the pillars of these practices. The main purpose of serving drugs and encouraging their use is to prevent young people from losing their minds and their own goals, preventing young people's thinking activities, and young people's reflex abilities. Especially young people in Kurdistan are subjected to hunger under current conditions. Two paths are offered to these young people. The system tells young people, 'Either you sell drugs and provide financial means, or you spend the rest of your life on migration routes and in exile.'" Gövercin said. 
Stating that the Wan serhildan (In the 31 March local elections, the people of Van prevented the appointment of trustees by struggle) was a message for the young people who have been tried to be intimidated by the attacks since 2015, Gövercin stated that the Kurdish youth in Wan said, "No matter how much you attack us, no matter how much you try to usurp our will, we will not surrender our will."
Stating that the matches will start after the draw in the tournament, where applications are still ongoing, Gövercin called on young people to fight against the special war and participate in the tournament.