Israel prepares for the operation: Rafah evacuated

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  • 12:38 6 May 2024
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NEWS CENTER - The Israeli army announced that the evacuation of Palestinians in the city of Rafah has begun within the scope of a "limited-covarage" operation.
The Israeli army announced that the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip began to be evacuated "within the scope of limited-covarege operation". In the news broadcast on Israeli state television and Army Radio, it was stated that Israel started to evacuate the southern city of Rafah, where it planned to launch a ground operation. Israel did not give a time frame as to when the evacuation of Rafah would be completed and stated that an evaluation would be made within the scope of the operation.
According to Reuters, the Israeli army announced that Rafah would be evacuated as part of a "limited-covarege" operation. Israel stated that they estimate that they will need to evacuate 100 thousand people from the city as part of the evacuation of Rafah. Eyewitnesses who spoke to Reuters also reported that some families, to whom Israel's evacuation orders were delivered, began to leave the south of the Gaza Strip and the east of the city of Rafah, located on the Egyptian border.
Despite international reactions, the Israeli army announced that it had completed the preparations for the operation against Rafah, a refuge for 1.5 million Palestinians.